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Opening Your Heart in Peru

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Machu Picchu.

Opening Your Heart in Peru

See our Journeys page above

Opening Your Heart in Peru

See our Journeys page above

Opening Your Heart in Peru

See our Journeys page above

Opening Your Heart in Peru

See our Journeys page above
Machu Picchu from Huayna Picchu.

Opening Your Heart in Peru

See our Journeys page above
Tambomachy - Cusco.

Opening Your Heart in Peru

See our Journeys page above
Patallacta - Inca Trail.

Life is sacred.
You are life itself.
We have become disconnected from ourselves(consciousness).
My first experience of Ayahuasca & San Pedro(huachuma) was LIFE CHANGING for me.
This is why I choose to share Mother Aya & Grandfather San Pedro with others.
if you want to reconnect or
are looking for alternative ways of healing yourself whether it be, physical,emotional or spiritual?

( eg. Depression, addiction,PTSD etc. )

Come with me to Peru and partake in ayahuasca & Huachuma (San Pedro) ceremonies with local curandero’s/herbalists (shaman)

Sacred plant medicine has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of the Peruvian Andes & Amazon for holistic healing, empowerment & spiritual illumination.

The authentic and traditional use of these ancestral medicines enables us to connect with the wisdom of our heart and reveals our intrinsic connection with Nature (Pacha Mama) and all sentient beings.

We offer our life changing Journeys of Peru to all people who are ready to learn the wisdom of these ancient plants & traditions.

If you feel inspired to experience more healing, empowerment & magic in your life, come with me Peter Evans & meet the the native shaman & experience the majestic beauty of Peru.

There are three journeys:

Journey 1— a ten day Ayahuasca retreat US$2100

Journey 2— a twelve day Wachuma journey to the Andes, including Cuzco, the sacred valley & Machu Picchu US$2350

Journey 3— a seven day Wachuma journey to Chavin Dehuntar, where there is a 900bc pre-inca temple, thought to be where wachuma was first used for healing US$875

All three journeys can be taken together or separately. We recommend that you take journeys 1 & 2 together.


Starting dates are typically the 1st Saturday each month— starting May 2016 — October 2016

If you are interested, email me, Peter Evans


2017 Journey 1’s start on 1st July, 29th July & 26th August


Day 1 Meet you at Iquitos airport – transport to jungle retreat – orientation talk by Peter

Day 2 reading with shamen—first ayahuasca ceremony

Day 3 group meeting with Peter to discuss previous nights ceremony – chill out

Day 4 second ayahuasca ceremony

Day 5 group meeting with peter to discuss previous nights ceremony—chill out

Day 6 third ayahuasca ceremony

Day 7 group meeting with peter to discuss previous nights ceremony—chill out

Day 8 chill out— do your own thing

Day 9 fourth ayahuasca ceremony

Day 10 Group meeting — farewell—transport to airport or hotel in Iquitos


Note: All meals, accommodation & four ayahuasca ceremonies are included in the package. Also included are a liver / gall bladder flush, if desired. an extra wachuma ceremony could be provided at an extra cost. Massages & special plant diets suggested by shamen are also available at your own cost.


2017 Journey 2’s start on 15th July, 12th August & 9th September


Day 1 Welcome to Cusco: {Altitude – 3300m}.

Day 2 See the sites in & around Cusco The Capital Of The Inca’s

Day 3 San Pedro Ceremony – Mountain House

Day 4 Day Trip – The Sacred Valley (Altitude 2800m)

Day 5 San Pedro Ceremony – Master Teacher Plant

Day 6 Trip to Chinchero & Moray — staying in the Sacred Vallley

Day 7 Transport to Ollantaytambo & train to Auguas Calientes

Day 8 Bus up to Macho Picchu (or walk up), back to hotel in Urubamba (optional san pedro ceremony)

Day 9 Back to Cusco — Free day for site seeing & shopping

Day 10 San Pedro Ceremony— Mountain house

Day 11 Group debrief—farewell dinner

Day 12 Transport to airport — Goodbye mis amigos


Note: included is all accommodation, breakfasts, wachuma ceremonies, entry fees, transport to and from sites, as well as cusco airport.



DAY 1 meet huaraz—2.5 hour drive to chavin de huantar— tour around temple with accredited guide

Day 2 first wachuma ceremony—rest of day spent at the temple

Day 3 group debrief—chavin museum

Day 4 second wachuma ceremony—rest of day spent at the temple

Day 5 group debrief—explore chavin

Day 6 third wachuma ceremony—rest of day spent at the temple

Day 7 group debrief—farewell—bus trip back to Huaraz


Note: all accommodation, transport to and from huaraz and three wahcuma ceremonies included in package. No meals included.


Our Guides

Peter Evans

peterAfter realising that I had a pattern or two in my life that did not serve me, I decided in my 30’s to look around for techniques that I could use to change these patterns. From 1985 onwards I started off with what was then called re birthing, now conscious connected breathing. Then I went on to learn many techniques from hands on healing, conflict resolution, stress management, counselling, gestalt therapy techniques, inner child work and massage. I now have over twenty years’ experience in facilitating groups, with a very strong commitment to supporting people to heal themselves.

The Myburgh Family

familyLesley Myburgh and her twins sons, Mark & Simon, are Another Planet Peru and have lived in Cusco for decades. Lesley will be our hostess and San Pedro facilitator and will lead our San Pedro journeys at her home high above Cusco. The Myburghs have mastered the arts of generosity and of looking after people. Simon & Mark are our ‘men on the ground’ and will look after you and all of your needs with true willingness and care.

Luis Quispe
luisLuis Quispe is a member of the Q’ero tribe, the Wisdom Keepers of the Andes. Having shared a close relationship with the Myburgh family for years, Luis enjoys holding space for the groups that come to Cusco. He will be leading us in sacred ceremony in the Andean tradition and will be our spiritual guardian. He is an incredibly gently soul and we all will be greatly nourished by his presence on our journey through this most sacred of valleys. Luis also gives coca readings if asked.

Maureen Santucci Lac, LMT
maureenMaureen has been practicing massage and acupuncture for more than 13 years, first in Los Angeles and for over five years in Peru. She holds a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine, with a specialty in Orthopedics, and has studied over 1000 hours of massage coursework. Typically, she uses a variety of therapies within her sessions, depending on your needs. Among the modalities that may be included are acupuncture, Swedish massage, deep tissue, Zen Shiatsu, cranial sacral and Reiki.

The Healing Plants

According to the Peruvian Shaman of the Andes and Amazon, all plants possess a consciousness, and it is the spirit of the plant, not its chemical ingredients that grace us with healing and self-understanding.

Although all plants are considered sacred by these Indigenous Healers, there are a precious few plants that are revered as teachers. The Shaman claims that these Ancestral teacher plants are here to help humanity to heal and awaken to our full potential. The Shamen’s believe that these plants are messengers of the earth calling us back into harmony with nature and union with Spirit. The sacred use of ancestral medicine plants offers us a rare opportunity to transcend and transform our conditioning, opening the door to incredible transformation and miracles in our lives.


Wachuma (San Pedro) has been used for more than 4,000 years in Peru for the purposes of healing, divinisation, and expanding consciousness. This cactus is cherished by the Andean people as a powerful medicine, a sacred teacher and healer plant, and a doorway to the spiritual world.
Wachuma is a powerful catalyst for healing, meditation and self-understanding. Just as Ayahuasca is experienced as a Feminine teacher plant, the Andean Shaman of Peru views Wachuma as a benevolent Masculine teacher plant.
Each ceremony with Wachuma produces a gentle, yet profound shift in consciousness, helping us to heal the wounds of the past, while opening us to a more heart centred and conscious way of being.