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Peter Evans

Hi my name is Peter Evans.

I was born in Newcastle (1954) and have lived in Woomera, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Gold Coast, Port Moresby,Wagga Wagga and now Perth. I have worked as an Architectural Draftsman for over 35 years, worked on prawning trawlers and built boats in Darwin, where I sailed all different types of boat. My love for sailing and the outdoors is very much a part of my motivation for travelling.

I was married at 19 and had a wonderful daughter, who now lives with her husband and two children in Wagga Wagga NSW, where my father is also.

After realising that I had a pattern or two in my life that did not serve me. I decided in my 30’s,to look around for techniques that I could use to change these patterns. From 1985 onwards I started off with what was then called rebirthing, now conscious connected breathing, where I learned how to be a rebirther from Colin Sysson. Then I met a couple called Gail and Graham O’Brien who taught me everything from hands on healing, conflict resolution, stress management, counselling, gestalt therapy techniques, inner child work and massage.

Ending in 1994 with a month long live in workshop, I finally found myself in a place where I could move ahead & create what I wanted in life. I continued on to do courses in sound therapy, transendental meditation, krya yoga, touch for health, kinesiology,regression therapy and many others. I also have many years experience facilitating groups (mens, mixed), to deal with their issues. I want to support people in dealing with their issues in a safe, secure environment with shaman who have a proven track record.

In 1995 I met Shanti mayi in Perth, and subsequently spent a lot of time in India learning from her. From 2002-2012, I studied Tibetan Budhism, this has been very helpful and I have met lots of wonderful people including the Dalai Llama.

After travelling to South America, where I had a life changing experience with an indigenous curandero (shaman), I decided that this was something I had to share. I participated in a number of ceremonies using the teacher plants ayahuasca and wachuma. The indigenous shaman say it is spirit of these teacher plants that grace us with healing and self understanding. I came finally to connect with myself as part of creation through Mother ayahuasca and grandfather wachuma and now feel content with myself . While at the same time excited about life again and wanting to help people in a real way (no more talking) to also connect with them selves and realise that everyone you meet is.